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Cocoa Chamomile Dry Skin Treatment

Cocoa Chamomile Dry Skin Treatment


This rich emollient cream with subtle hints of cocoa, chamomile, and sandalwood is a wonderfully luxurious way to treat dry skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and diminish age spots. This is particularly helpful for lines around brow and mouth with consistent use. A little goes a long way. This will hydrate and pull moisture into the dermis while providing antioxidant benefit to increase the healthful glow of your skin. This is also wonderful to mix with foundation for hydrating effect and as a treatment for hands and feet in the winter.


Directions: After you perform your skin care routine, massage a small bit onto your face and neck or anywhere you would like to enrich your dry skin. When applying to face, blot excess with tissue and let the hydration continue overnight. Apply lightly under foundation or mix a little into liquid foundation and apply lightly then avoid powders to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Apply liberally to body, hands, and feet for hydration treatment as well. 


Ingredients: Cocoa butter, beeswax, vitamin E and almond oil infused with chamomile, and proprietary essential oil fragrance blend. 

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